New... from the creators of Drawing Without Dignity and YOU'RE AN IDIOT...

 A family-friendly version of the hit party game,  Drawing Without Dignity!

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This is NOT your parents' drawing game.

From dragons to dog farts, not much is off limits in ARTSY FARTSY, the fast-paced game where artistic skills are not required. Team up with friends and family to draw, guess, and STEAL clues that will have the whole gang laughing out loud!

  • Ages 10+

  • Family fun!

  • 4-12 players

  • 30-60 minutes


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"Every time we play, our kids pee their pants!  Hilarious!"

- Lenny H.


Form teams.

First team chooses an artist.  The artist rolls the die and takes a card to see what to draw.  The artist also shares the category at the top of the card with all players.

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Share this...


 not this.

Flip the timer, and the artist draws the clue for their team to try to guess and win the point.

Simple enough, right?  Well...

The other teams are watching, too... very closely... thinking, scrutinizing, scheming... and if they have the answer, they can STEAL it!

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That's right, the other teams can play a STEAL card which allow them to get in on the action, guess the answer, and steal the point!  Thieving boogers.

Sure, there's some more to it (simple stuff, like rolling a 5 or 6 (artist's choice or all teams play) and "Up for Grabs" if the timer runs out), but you get the basic idea.                       

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Game includes:

  • 234 cards with 888 things to draw

  • Cool die

  • 1-minute timer

  • Drawing pad

  • 4 small pencils

  • Game rules

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AGES  10+

PLAYERS:  4-12

PLAY TIME:  30+ minutes

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